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Fashion Inspiration with a Technology Twist

I know I have talked about Wendy’s Lookbook before, but I am such a big fan of the use of technology in all of her videos. My latest find was her Fall Fashion – Trends and Styles 2013. I love the camera work in this video and the outfits are so well put together. Fun fashion and a neat way to bring it to the masses is a sure hit.

Always on the hunt for inspiration when I am staring at the clothes that makeup my wardrobe, I love watching videos that help to inspire new pairings.
Wendy’s Lookbook created a fantastic video for their 100th video – 100 Outfits
Such a fantastic use of how creative you can get bringing fashion and technology together.

These are some of the fabulous outfits from the 100 great pairings Wendy’s Lookbook has put together over the past years.



Hopefully these videos help you to think of new pairings for your closet and also inspire you to utilize technology in fun, creative ways.

(Photo’s are screen shots from Wendy’s Lookbook)


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