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A New Laptop Look – Pairing Black and Brown

Inspiration comes in many forms.

In words, in pictures, in the people around you.

My current Laptop Look is one that inspires me daily.

When I look down at my iPad, I love that I see the words Live, Love, Laugh.

I chose this look as this year I plan to focus around those three words to bring inspiration into my life.

We here at the Laptop Lookbook are excited to see where fashion and technology goes to next.

Daily inspiration brings news ideas and unlimited possibilities to everyone.

As the blending of fashion and technology continue to grow, personalizing your laptop is just a small part of where it will lead.

My current Laptop Look not only brings inspiration to my life, but it also brings inspiration to my wardrobe.

Pairing Black and Brown together

Brown and Black are such a fabulous combination for outfits.

Here are a few outfits I found on Pinterest that have inspired my own closet and would totally match my Laptop Look.



You may not realize it, but you inspire those around you everyday.

Where will fashion and technology take you?


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