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Pretty in Pink

What girl doesn’t have a little bit of pink in her wardrobe?

I went through a phase where I pretty much wore something pink every day. It was cute and girly and I liked it, so I figured, why not. Think Lisa Vanderpump from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Nowadays, I have added alot more color to my wardrobe, but it is nice to add a little something pink from time to time.

Pretty in Pink was the inspiration for this weeks Laptop Look.

This weeks Pink Laptop Look.

Just like with past Laptop Looks, I pulled some outfit ideas from Pinterest to pair with our Laptop Look this week.



( All three outfits came from Pinterest )

We are feeling Pretty in Pink this week.

Loving the ideas and pairings we are finding to go with our Laptop Looks. This week’s Laptop Look could easily be paired nicely with any of these outfits. Fashion and technology does not always have to be about wearable technology, but maybe about how you pair your fashion and technology together.

What will your next Laptop Look be?


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