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What is your Laptop Look of the Day?

I stand in my closet every day thinking of what I will wear.
Love to think of new pairings and rethink my wardrobe.

Right now I am loving Polka Dots!!!

So of course, I changed the look of my laptop to match my current love of Polka Dots.


It is nice to get compliments on your outfit, but something about sitting in a cafe having someone compliment your laptop look is just refreshing.

I think Polka Dots are such a fantastic look for my laptop and an outfit.


Awesome outfits again found on Pinterest.

I would love to add any of these outfits to my closet.

I happen to love Blake Lively’s style. She always looks amazing.
The polka dot trench coat is simply fabulous. Everyone should have at least one trench coat in their closet and this polka dot one would be an incredible addition to any wardrobe.
The third outfit is a casual outfit. One that I would wear to the office or even out on a date. A great look.

Polka dots are fun and fashionable, whether in your closet or on your laptop.

What is your Laptop Look of the Day?


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